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Python : Insert dataframe data into MySQL table 

2020/05/31   -Python

Overview Dataframe type in python is so useful to data processing and it’s possible to insert data as dataframe into MySQL . There is a sample of that. Environments Python 3.7.3MySQL 5.5.62 Step1 : Making the table Defining a table like the following. > CREATE DATABASE testdb; > CREATE TABLE testdb.mysql_table( col1 int ,col2 int ,col3 int ); Step2 : Making data Making data for insert from python. the data should be the same type as the table you will insert it. The column name of dataframe is also same as the table if they are different you will get …

Connection to PostgreSQL, Oracle&MySQL from Python

2020/05/21   -Python

Overview There are some samples to connect PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL from Python. How to connect PostgreSQL Package installation pip install psycopg2 Example import psycopg2 HOST = ‘your_host’ PORT = ‘5432’ DB_NAME = ‘your_db_name’ USER = ‘your_user_name’ PASSWORD = ‘your_password’ conn = psycopg2.connect("host=" + HOST + " port=" + PORT + " dbname=" + DB_NAME + " user=" + USER + " password=" + PASSWORD ) cur = conn.cursor() cur.execute("select version()") rows = cur.fetchall() cur.close() conn.close() print(rows) Connect to MySQL Package installation pip install mysqlclient Example import MySQLdb HOST = ‘your_host’ PORT = 3306 #Not str but int DB_NAME = ‘your_db_name’ …

Installation of MySql on ReadyNAS

2020/05/14   -ReadyNAS

Overview MySQL plugin for ReadyNAS is available if your NETGEATR NAS device is connected to online. The following shows how to install MySQL plugin and enable it. Environment ReadyNAS 6.10.3MySQL Server1.0.1 (plugin) Step1 : Install MySQL plugin At first let’s open ReadyNAS service from web browser. This page is refence to access it. NETGEAR ReadyNASの設定 After opening ReadyNAS home, select a Available Apps tab. When you input ‘mysql’ into the search box at left side , you can find MySQL server pugin and click install. Completed installation, then MySql Server shows at Installed Apps list. You may find ‘Launch’ button …

【Oracle】How to fix ORA-65096 at creating user

2020/05/09   -Oracle

Ovewivew I encountered ORA-65096 when I tried to create user at Oracle 18c Express Edition. This is a example to fix ORA-65096. Environments OS : Windows10Oracle : 18c Express Edition Error SQL> CREATE USER user01 identified by password01 default tablespace USERS; ORA-65096: ORA-65096: invalid common user or role name Step1 : Checking database Oracle has two databases ,’CDB’ and ‘PDB’. It seems it’s not possible to create local user on CDB, so we have to check which database are used. SQL> show con_name; CON_NAME —————————— CDB$ROOT If you find CDB lie the above, It’s good to try change it to …