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Developing Oracle from VS Code

2020/04/29   -VScode

Overview Since My favorite code editor is MS VS Code, for developing oracle database understanding how to install plugin for oracle. Enviroments OS:Windows 10 64bitVScode :1.44.2Oracle :Oracle 18c XE Step1 : Installation of “Oracle Developer Tools for VS Code” Open your VS Code and find plugin ‘Oracle Developer Tools for VS Code’ and click the install button. You may get this warning at this time. Because this plugin needs .Net core Runtime, you have to get it from the following website. You have to reboot VS Code after installation of .Net core runtime. If you don’t get this message, …

Metabase installation on Windows

2020/04/29   -Metabase

Overview Metabase is a kind of Business Intelligence tool and Open Source Software itself. Here it shows how to install Metabase on windows with OpenJDK. Environments OS : Windows10JDK : OpenJDK 13.0.2Metabase : version 0.33.4 Step1 : Installation of JDK According to Metabase website、Metabase works with OpenJDK or OracleJDK. This example uses OpenJDK13 from following URL. After downloding OpenJDK13 zip file, decompress and put it in the any folder. This is a example path to java.exe in case you make the metabace folder at c:\ . C:\metabaseopenjdk-13.0.2_windows-x64_bin\jdk-13.0.2bin\java.exe Step2 : Downloading Metabase You can get metabase.jar file from following URL. …

Rundeck installation on Windows

2020/04/27   -Rundeck

Goal Rundeck is excellent Open Source Software to execute some scripts instead of cron. The purpose here is establishing Rundeck server on windows. Environments OS : windows10JDK : Openjdk8Rundeck : 3.1.0 Step1 : Installation of JDK Move to OpenJDK and install openjdk8. If you use other versions of jdk, it may not work properly , please note it. After you downloaded zip file in your local folder , decompressed it.You can find java.exe in the decompressed folder and you have to add path to your user environmental variable. Step2 : Installation of Rundeck Next, let’s install runeck. You can …