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Bulk insert to Oracle with Python



There is an example code to insert data in bulk to Oracle database with python cx_Oracle


python 3.7.3
Oracle 18c Express Edition

Step1 : Creating the table

Creating the table ‘oracle_insert’ in the schema ‘USER01’.

	col1 int
	,col2 int
	,col3 int

Step2 : Insert in bulk with executemany

  • dataset is the dataset to be inserted
  • Making a connection to database with cx_Oracle
  • Inserting in bulk with using cur.executemany()
import cx_Oracle

dataset =[

HOST = 'localhost'
PORT = '1521'
DB_NAME = 'xepd1'
USER = 'user01'
PASSWORD = 'password01'
SERVICE_NAME = 'xepdb1'
tns = cx_Oracle.makedsn(HOST, PORT, service_name =SERVICE_NAME)
conn = cx_Oracle.connect(USER,PASSWORD,tns)
cur = conn.cursor()
cur.executemany("insert into user01.oracle_insert (col1, col2, col3) values (:1, :2 ,:3)", dataset)


The code to insert some rows in bulk is not difficult and simple. But the performance about it is not tested in here, I’ll try it in future.

-Oracle, Python



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