Metabase installation on Windows

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Metabase is a kind of Business Intelligence tool and Open Source Software itself. Here it shows how to install Metabase on windows with OpenJDK.


OS : Windows10
JDK : OpenJDK 13.0.2
Metabase : version 0.33.4

Step1 : Installation of JDK

According to Metabase website、Metabase works with OpenJDK or OracleJDK. This example uses OpenJDK13 from following URL.

After downloding OpenJDK13 zip file, decompress and put it in the any folder. This is a example path to java.exe in case you make the metabace folder at c:\ .


Step2 : Downloading Metabase

You can get metabase.jar file from following URL.

Put it at any folder like c:\metabase if you made it.

Step3 : Installation of Metabase

Execute following command at command prompt.

If you put JDK and metabase.jar at any other folder please change path in the command example.

cd C:metabaseopenjdk-13.0.2_windows-x64_binjdk-13.0.2bin
java -jar C:metabasemetabase.jar

After installation , you can find following a folder and files.

  • plugins #folder
  • metabase.db.trace.db

Step4 : Access to Metabase

Please don’t close command prompt which executing metabase and open chrome or any other browser.

You can access metabase site with http://localhost:3000 and make administrator account following the guidance.

If you would like to use metabase anytime, it’s good to make bat file containing following commands and put it startup.

cd C:metabaseopenjdk-13.0.2_windows-x64_binjdk-13.0.2bin
java -jar C:metabasemetabase.jar


It’s so easier to install metabase on windwos than any other BI tools. Please try it.




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