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Rundeck installation on Windows

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Rundeck is excellent Open Source Software to execute some scripts instead of cron. The purpose here is establishing Rundeck server on windows.


OS : windows10
JDK : Openjdk8
Rundeck : 3.1.0

Step1 : Installation of JDK

Move to OpenJDK and install openjdk8. If you use other versions of jdk, it may not work properly , please note it.

After you downloaded zip file in your local folder , decompressed it.
You can find java.exe in the decompressed folder and you have to add path to your user environmental variable.

Step2 : Installation of Rundeck

Next, let’s install runeck. You can download rundeck war file from the following rundeck website.

This example shows to use rundeck-3.1.0. Create folder in any directory like C:\Rundeck and set rundeck war file in the folder. Then execute a following command at the command prompt.

cd C:\Rundeck
java -jar rundeck-3.1.0-20190731.war

Configuring Spring Security Core …
… finished configuring Spring Security Core

Grails application running at http://:4440 in environment: production

If you can find ‘Grails application…’, it works well. The URL is automatically created and <hostname> is probably your computer name.

Step3 : Login to your Rundeck

Open web browser(chrome or MS Edge) in the server and put ‘http://<hostname>:4440’ into the address bar and you can reach Rundeck login page like the following picture.

If you want to access Rundeck server from the client PC via network, you can do use the URL like ‘http://<hostname or IP address> :4440’. But please note that you have to open firewall about port 4440.

Default ID and password to login to the rundeck are ‘admin’


Installation of rundeck on the Windows environment is as easy as Linux.




  1. Alejo says:

    Hi, i hope you can answer, do you know why i can’t log in by browser? I did everything right

    • SEBONE says:

      Hi, if you can’t reach login page, please check firewall and open port 4440.
      Or I didn’t work when I used other jdk version for rundeck.
      Do you use jdk ‘8’?


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