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Bulk insert to Oracle with Python

2020/07/04   -Oracle, Python

Overview There is an example code to insert data in bulk to Oracle database with python cx_Oracle Environments python 3.7.3Oracle 18c Express Edition Step1 : Creating the table Creating the table ‘oracle_insert’ in the schema ‘USER01’. CREATE TABLE USER01.ORACLE_INSERT( col1 int ,col2 int ,col3 int ) Step2 : Insert in bulk with executemany dataset is the dataset to be insertedMaking a connection to database with cx_OracleInserting in bulk with using cur.executemany() import cx_Oracle dataset =[ [1,2,3] ,[4,5,6] ,[7,8,9] ,[10,11,12] ,[13,14,15] ,[16,17,18] ,[19,20,21] ] HOST = ‘localhost’ PORT = ‘1521’ DB_NAME = ‘xepd1’ USER = ‘user01’ PASSWORD = ‘password01’ SERVICE_NAME = …

【Oracle】How to fix ORA-65096 at creating user

2020/05/09   -Oracle

Ovewivew I encountered ORA-65096 when I tried to create user at Oracle 18c Express Edition. This is a example to fix ORA-65096. Environments OS : Windows10Oracle : 18c Express Edition Error SQL> CREATE USER user01 identified by password01 default tablespace USERS; ORA-65096: ORA-65096: invalid common user or role name Step1 : Checking database Oracle has two databases ,’CDB’ and ‘PDB’. It seems it’s not possible to create local user on CDB, so we have to check which database are used. SQL> show con_name; CON_NAME —————————— CDB$ROOT If you find CDB lie the above, It’s good to try change it to …